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HRIH Investments' Vision is to create a world connected by cryptocurrencies, allowing real-time banking, trading, mining and conversion from digital assets to fiat currency via our mobile or internet banking platform. HRIH Investments began building its blockchain on the Waves platform and began testing new business and application suites around the use cases it sought to develop after completing a successful token sale. These products are designed to give the user an understanding of the network, ecosystem, & product line envisioned by HRIH Investments. We will also include Hedge Funds once FSP licenced.



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CyberAsset Management, Trading, CryptoCurrency Mining



The crypto portfolio can be managed using two methods of investment, a once off deposit or monthly contributions.


After the investment period has matured and the portfolio itself has accrued an investment value, the system will then stop all investment cycles and pay clients their crypto dividends. The total value of the payouts will be deposited immediately into the client's account/wallet. The client can choose to invest his/her capital in five (6) cryptos in terms of market price or market cap. The other two options are daily top market trading volume and average historical growth rate.


To calculate the probable returns use the Financial Calculator to calculate a suitable product and investment period.




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