Our Services are available at R 250.00 per hour for Accounting/Bookkeeping and Payroll and R 370.00 per hour for Organisational Management Services or a flat rate from R 850.00 per month for accounting services when signing a twelve (12) month contract with us (See Services Brochure for more infomation)
























For established businesses with staff — cloud edition is highly recommended
























































Transaction Entry


Getting all your transactions categorized correctly is the foundation of clean books. Keeping on top of your bank statements can be the difference between a super hectic or stress-free tax season.


  • HRIH Investments does not store or view any bank account or password credentials

  • HRIH Investments uses state-of-the-art security measures and encryption to keep your information safe

  • An HRIH Investments connection is read-only, which means it can't be used to move money into or out of bank accounts


Billing & Collections

Stay up to date on your receivables by getting invoices out to your customers promptly and following up on payments when needed. Have a high volume or looking to get more efficient? Let's look at automated billing and electronic payment methods for your clients. 


Accounts Payable

Keep your vendors happy by paying them promptly, but only what they are owed. 

Financial Statements (Cash flow, Income Statements and Balance Sheets), Trial Balance, & Account Ledger prepared for you.

Get a clear picture of the financials of your business, or customized reporting to help answer specific questions. 


Payroll and HR Services


Automated payroll. We can help make sure you are in compliance and getting your employees paid timely.


We also do:


  • Clock in (time management)


  • Leave management


  • Employee profile management


  • Professional reports


  • Organisation management


  • and much more.




Cloud edition

For 65 USD per month, you get:

Full-Featured Accounting

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Businesses

Free legal cover (*See our Services Brochure)

Automatic Backups

Automatic Updates

Anywhere Access

Make payment for multiple user access and send us your company name. We will set up your company and forward you your logon details. Happy accounting. Allow as many users as you wish!

Cloud Edition

65 USD / month or 550 USD / year

Full-Featured Accounting

Easy to Setup

Use On Desktops / Laptops

Use on Tablets / Phones

Nothing to Install

Remote Access

Multi-user Access

Unlimited Businesses & User Licences

Free legal cover (*See our Services Brochure)

User Permissions

Automatic Backups

Automatic Updates

Desktop Edition

Free Forever

Full-Featured Accounting

Easy to Setup

Do we pay extra for more users or businesses?

No. We don't charge you based on how many users or businesses you add. 5 or 50, the price is the same. If you have many businesses, you can also specify which businesses are visible to which users. Great for accountants and bookkeepers with many clients.

Can we pay annually instead of monthly?

Yes. We also offer annual plans which are at the cost of 10× monthly price. This means annual plan will get you 2 months free every year. You can choose annual plan during sign up or switch anytime after.

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All our Accounts/Bookkeepers and Tax Professionals are fully qualified and Certified with the relevant authorities


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