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Effective Cyber Investments


CryptoCurrency Mining and trading




HRIH Investments is striving to be first cryptocurrency company in South Africa that delivers a comprehensive FAIS approved services to the public and financial sector.
There are many businesses in South Africa that advertises their products and services but none has ever displayed an FSP licence number on any of their adverts or websites. There has not too long ago been a huge scandal where people were scammed out of millions of rands in investments who will never see their initial investments again. Many people advertise on

platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gumtree and newspapers and probably achieve good

results, yet a good number of those adverts are scams. We ran a test and found that 90 % of replies on

adverts asked for FSP licence numbers. With the survey conducted we started working with the FSCA

and have received advice and feedback on them as to which procedures we need to follow and what their

recommendations are. With an FSP licence in place, we stand to gain a 90% share in the South African

market as all people looking for cryptocurrency investments want peace of mind that the business they

are investing with is registered with the FSCA which for us as shareholders means a significant increase

in sales and profits.
 During 2017 and early 2018 we ran a test phase selling mining contracts to clients and saw a good response

from the market, though, we noticed the need for an FSP licence as we also plan to do trading, selling

securities and advisory services for clients. With this in place we will increase sales and profits to at least

2000% per year. Since this is a new business that has spent much time working on its operational model, we

can say that we have no debt and managed to purchase all software required to run the entire businesses as well as deliver the services and products to the public and financial sector.


Read through the Investors' Proposal and contact us for more information about the project and the legal contract for share purchases.