CEO Hilton R.I. Hartnick

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Nadeem Adam - Professional Accountant (SA)


















Majaha Nicholas Vilakazi - (Professional Tax Professional and Business Accountant (SA))
























Thamsanqa Sabela - Consulting Manager


Our team is a group of professionals that are highly qualified and experienced in their fields of expertise. We came together as investors and developed the project, products, and services people now have the opportunity to invest in. Our CEO is currently studing a Bsc in Business Administration and will soon embark in a Bsc in Accounting as well. Both degrees are pursued via prestigous American institutions that are acknowledged and accepted/approved by SAQA.


HRIH Investments is the first South African CyberAsset Investment and Management company whose

project includes an AI platform. We comply with local regulations stipulated by the FSCA.


We are technically the first Blockchain based Stock Exchange project in South Africa. We comply with all local and

international tax laws in terms of cryptocurrency mining and trading as is required by all regulators of

our clients' countries of origin. Clients that live outside of South Africa will be able to benefit from our high standards and even buy our tokens who are all securities by their own right. According to law, the token act as

assets/securities against whom a client is investing a certain amount of capital for which we

issue tokens as assets in order to earn a profit as the yield on the accumulative earnings of the

underlying operation which the tokens as securities represent. Thus all clients can report all

cryptocurrency earnings to their local financial regulators as we operate within the legal framework

of the SARB, making our investment products world class.  


We are partnered with only the best in our field and sector of trade. 


We as a business we deal only in CyberAsset Investments and Management, however, we will also launch our own Blockchain based Stock Exchange during early 2020.


Our services are unique in that we are a niche service provider. Elegance is our style. We cater for new comers and established / sophisticated investors.




Are we Legal and Legitimate?


The SARB regulation does not require us to have any license (FSP) to offer cyber asset investments and portfolio management services to clients as they do not regard cryptocurrencies as legal tender in South Africa and the FSCA does not issue FSP licences to cryptocurrency companies unless your services are required to according to FAIS regulations. However, we will be the first company in South Africa that will do cryptocurrency investments and management with an FSP licence as our cryptocurrency is also an investment security. Digital Currencies/Cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the South African Reserve Bank as fiat currency (money - Forex, Binary Options, Stocks and Shares and other OTC trading products that deal with FSCA regulated investments/ FAIS regulations), but as recognised (investable) assets, also, we do not deal with fiat currency investments. We manage cryptocurrencies for clients and do offer information on CryptoCurrency markets, we manage portfolios and assets on behalf of clients. We do not give investment advice for cryptocurrencies. The clients are provided with various legitimate sources of reference on our website to make their own decisions on how to invest/buy cryptocurrencies. We pay all clients in crypto according to their selection.


We have an official letters from the FSCA which states/proves that we are not in contravention of FAIS regulation. Should you wish to read/view it please send in a formal request and complete the required NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) as reading/viewing of the document is granted in agreement with the FSCA's agreements (T&C's apply) and is confidential pertaining to their Rules and Regulations.


We welcome suggestions, therefore if you have any, let us know, we'd love to get recommendations from you. We promise to adapt our websites to treat our clients to the best in the CyberAsset Investment and Portfolio Management business industry. If we do not perform as promised we still would love to hear from you in order to improve our service delivery.


We offer world-class services that are correct and true based on market fluctuations and values. We do not trade in fiat currency pairs or offer information on any other investments/products except cryptocurrencies. Our products offer real value as assets and due to the nature of the security of our partners, secure. The ROI we advertise is based on mining and trading earnings and various fluctuating calculation and is not set or fixed, they can differ. There are ample cryptocurrency mining calculation websites on the internet where clients can calculate the cost and profitability of our offers. On average our minimum cost is ZAR 1500.00 per mining/trading contract with a minimum period of two (2) years. We charge from ZAR 65.00 per month for administration costs on all contracts and max 5% comission on all nett. profits. The average cost of a lifetime investment is ZAR 5000.00 or a minimum of five year period. Clients can earn up to a maximum of >34% per annum on a combination of mining and investment strategies (T&Cs apply - This is also dependent on mining difficulty, transaction/blockchain fees and market value of cryptocurrencies).


Visit the following websites for independent analysis and commentary on potential annual ROI earnings:






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