As a team of highly enthusiastic professionals, we have come up with innovative ways to fund and manage our projects. Our SME Stock Exchange will cost us a total of R 5 million to start and possibly more, however, this cost includes the software developer's fees, consultations, FSP licence application, auditor's and accountant's fees, and overhead costs.


As an SME ourself, we are opting to take responsibility of things ourselves and do things hands on. From benefitting NPOs in the process we are doing what is possible to make it work. Our method has been crowdfunding and we are being successful and ask you for your support. If any of our agents or partnering NPOs approach you for support, please do support. They earn 60% of all profits we generate at our combined fund runs, and much more.


We do not go to the banks, we do not go to government, we go to the streets and have a great day marketing our business services, project and enthusiasm. So when you see one of us walking up to you, support and spread the news. We need and appreciate the effort and support at all time.


Methods used:


  • Crowdfunding lists



  • Hotdog and Burger sales


  • Special events


  • Partnerships with organisations


  • Security Token Sales



Thank you for your support, we appreciate every little cent you invest in us. We are to be the best thing next to bottled water and air to hit the South African economy. 


Ps: We wil be flavoured in a variety of niceties as well.