Mine  and invest with HRIH Investments

Instead of just offering mining services we incorporated it into our investment plans. For every client that invests ZAR 1500.00 their capital is broken down into the following segments. We charge minimum ZAR 1500.00 for a Node contract, 5 year Bitcoin mining plan. ZAR 500.00 is used to start crypto trading immediately, the rest is reserved in a secondary interest bearing cryptocurrency wallet. With the mining capital increasing, we supplement the trading account with proceeds from the mining part of the investment plan increasing profitability over the investment period. The more you invest the faster it mines.


You need to create an account to order a two or five year mining and trading contract.




















Our trading platform is also very unique, unlike many other platforms, when we close a trade we get up to 95% of all invested capital back, we only pay blockchain admin fees. This is different from Forex and Binary systems where you can not close a trade at your own leisure before the market has shown a profit/loss. The admin fees are also fixed, we never pay more than the preset fees, whether we trade 0.001 BTC or 100 BTC, we always pay the same fee.


Another benefit is the account closure protection. Many clients find that with cloud mining their capital is not refundable, with us that is not the case. Clients receive minimum 80% (admin and blockchain fees apply) of their initial investment funds plus profits back on our cloud mining services versus the non-refundable initial investment capital clauses on other platforms upon early termination of the mining contract.


To join, choose an investment product that suits your wallet. Do invest money you can not afford to lose. We operate cryptocurrency mining and trading. THE FSCA does not regulate cryptocurrencies.