Block Purchases

Project Based Rates

Project based rates range from R 2500 up to R 78  000 based on the project and the requirements of the client, turn around time and total amount of services required. These rates are quoted and presented to the client upon request (T&Cs apply).

Monthly rates

Monthly rates range from R 2500 up to R 73760 based on services required and costs involved. Rates are quoted individually per customer and is based on services and required resources to complete tasks and presented to the client upon request (T&Cs apply)


 Business Management


We offer business management strategies and soutions designed to streamline (business and organisational) operations and profitability. We help you by doing effectively which previously/currently cost you more than required. Outsource to us and have the functionality of your business and profitability streamlined through the use of effective modern and streamlined technology that will save you hundreds of thousands per year without the compromise




We assist you with the development and implementation of management principles and strategies.


We assist with the:


  • Development of Missions and Visions

  • Develop Goals and Objectives

  • Develop Management Principles and Strategies

  • Design and implement Management Matrices and Styles

  • Do Market analysis



Business Registrations


Basic Package: R 5 999.99 (Business plan, Website, Tax registration, Vat Registration and business portfolio)


Intermediate: R 8 999.99 (Business plan, website and business portfolio with VAT, TAX, UIF registration, and BBEEE certificate)


VIP Package: R 24 999.99 includes all listed Intermediate package services (T&Cs apply) including social media setup, online marketing and free accounting for 3 months with professional budgeting and financial reporting.


Biz in a Box (Business in a Box): Complete Business with all relevant registrations for sale from R 25 000 up to R 250 000.00 depending on selection (T&Cs apply - See Services Brochure for list of available business)


Executive Services


Our Services are available at hourly rates from R 310 per hour or can be purchased in blocks of time, weekly, bi weekly or monthly.