Organisational Management



From R 1500.00 up to R 35 000.00 per month


We offer business management strategies designed to streamline (business) operations and profitability. We help you by doing effectively which previously/currently cost you more than required. Outsource to us and have the functionality of your business and profitability streamlined through the use of effective modern and streamlined technology that will save you hundreds of thousands per year without the compromise.






Outsourced Management uses video consultations and meetings via state of the art technology and management systems we already have in place. Being off-site has many benefits for you. All sessions and meetings with employees are conducted via video and backed up online for your convenience. Employees can easily send us a voice note via channels such as Telegram or WhatsApp. They no longer have to make an appointment to see Management and the best is that you get to save time as they will be able to continue with their work as we will respond with the relevant information. Currently, you have personnel away from the floor, which causes a delay in productivity, Using effective methods, we manage your employees effectively using always online technology. The benefit is that you receive reports to stay up to date which is easy to read and no longer have to spend long hours managing problems which could have been spent attending meetings etc. All information is neatly available via a database you will have access to, a complete profile of your entire organisation with a list of all employees as well as all relevant details.


Though we are an outsourcing company, we still care about your employees and have designed our system to be cost effective for you yet, effective and efficient for your employees. Instead of them having to wait to speak to their/a manager, we are readily available via their smartphone/laptop during the entire workday. This not only gives your employees a sense of privacy but as a company, you will score high marks as you will be using modern technological advancements to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and finally profitability.


You will never be blindsided. You will have less hassle, less paperwork, more effective and optimistic employees as we/they enter the next stage in organisational mangement. We have a team of managers on stand by for them, and each manager has a portfolio of companies that he/she manages.




Workers can work and spend less time waiting for appointments to be made or granted, it can now all be done via e-channels such as WhatsApp/Telegram. Time is money. Saving time is saving money and increasing productivity means profitability for you.


Workers are more likely to speak to us and will be more confident. This will help make a psychological change in your organisation. Let us help achieve that effectively.


A happier workforce is a more productive workforce and a more profitable company.


We will help you achieve your goals when you outsource to us.


All employees and your organisation will be listed on our central database which makes it easy for us to manage your company. We can also attend meetings in your absence and make sound decisions based on your requirements and expectations.


You make the decisions based on our findings and reports and suggestions based on your objectives and requirements.


Our work is based on on a code of conduct that promotes rules and regulations that are based on honesty integrity and special ethics.


We, therefore, deliver a quality service at reasonable prices.


We will help you combine, allocate, coordinate and deploy resources or inputs in such a way that your organisation’s goals are achieved as productively as possible.


We will help with the planning, organising, leading and controlling of your organisation.


Outsource any of the three management levels in your organisation to us: Top Level, Middle Level or the Lower Level. In any of these where we function we manage and prepare detailed reports to the respective reporting body that oversees the organisation.

Cost saving is a secondary, yet, a primary factor as you the client save more money on salaries, office supplies and as well as time management.


Our comprehensive package from R 15 000.00 per month, not only gives you access to our Bookkeeping Services, Payroll, and HR, it also includes our Management Services which comes with professional reports that cover Liquidity ratio calculations, Budgeting, Planning, Project and Investment Management Calculations and Strategic Planning of the business as a whole . Buy outsourcing today, we will reduce your expenses by at least R 15 000.00 per month including office supplies. Though this figure is an estimate, your equity can increase by at least R 300 000.00 per year making you more profitable, professional and streamlined.


In modern times, efficiency is a priority, let technology close the gaps by modernising your business.


With increased financial pressure, eg. Rising energy costs (electricity and fuel) and the demand for higher percentile annual increases by employees, or solutions not only protect you from financial pressure and weaker performance but effectively increases both productively and profitability whilst maintaining a happy workforce throughout your organisation.


Special Projects Services


Financial/Management Services:


We do a complete company profile and will work towards the profitability of your business and/or planned/projected projects. We analyse your financial performance, using the information to help you make long and short-term financial decisions.


Credit Management Services:


We are responsible for helping you grant credit, as well as reviewing existing customers and checking the creditworthiness of potential customers by doing the calculations for you as part of our Managerial Services to you.


It is crucial that work is done efficiently and accurately, as we will be responsible for balancing company sales and losses due to bad debt.


There are a number of responsibilities in this role, including management of the credit department, measuring performance, providing training and dealing with various agencies.


We will also maintain the credit policy and recommend changes as required, along with creating credit scoring models and managing credit files.


Financial Controller


We are responsible for producing monthly financial management information packs. This will include looking at budgets, financial plans and forecasting to assist you with planning your financial future better. This is usually used in conjunction with our Financial / Management Services.