Business / professional registrations


Basic Package: R 1999.99 (Business plan, website, Tax registration and business portfolio)


Intermediate: R 4999.99 (Business plan, website and business portfolio with VAT, TAX, UIF registration, and BBEEE certificate)


VIP Package: R 14999.99 includes all listed Intermediate package services (T&Cs apply) with online marketing and free accounting for 3 months with professional budeting and financial reporting.


Biz in a Box: Complete Business with all relevant registrations for sale from R 25 000 up to R 250 000.00 depending on selection (T&Cs apply - See Services Brochure for list of available business)


Selective Services


  • Business registrations From R 750.00 dependent on the type of business you want to register (Sole propriety, PTY, NPC, NPO, NGO, Cooperative)


  • Free business plan (When registering a new company)


  • Free Business bank account (T&Cs apply) (When registering new company)


  • Accounting/Bookkeeping from R 850 pm


  • Payroll from R 76 per employee


  • Website design from R 3500.00 (Fully ecommerce ready) including 12-month hosting and custom email addresses


  • CRM system from R 5000.00 per annum (Whitelabel and set up for you) with priority support for online sales


  • Additional 5-year financial forecasting from R 500.00


  • Free Tax and UIF registrations (With Intermediate and VIP package business registration and website combo)


  • NHBRC registrations R 2000.00


  • NCR Application - Credit Provider Application from R 5000 to R 15000.00 (All inclusive)


  • Liquor Licence Application From R 15000.00 to R 27 000.00 (All inclusive)


  •  Annual Returns from R 150.00 up to R 500.00


  •  CIPC Management Services (Change of Company Name, Change of Directors, Change of registered address) from R 400.00


  • Personal income Tax returns from 300.00


  • Company Tax Return from R 600.00


  • Trusts Tax Returns from R 350.00


  •  Provisional Tax Returns (Inviduals: From  320.00, Companies from R 550.00)


  • Tax Clearance Certificate R 400.00


  • Letter of Good Standing R 550.00


  • BIBC Registrations with management support with free business portfolio/plan R 1000.00


  • COIDA registrations R 1300.00


  • CIDB registration R 1500.00


  • Liquor Licence applications from R 15 000 up to R 65 000.00


  • NCR Registrations from R 5000 up to R 65 000.00


  • Psira Regstrations from R 7900 up to R 150 000.00 (Business and Individual)


  • VAT registration R 1300.00 (Including SARS visitation)


  • Tax registration R 1500.00 (includes SARS visitation)


  • UIF registrations R 600.00


  • CSD Supplier registrations and profiling R 1500.00


  • BBEE-E certificate R 2500.00


  • Online Marketing from R 2500.00 includes Search engine and Social Media marketing


  • BBEE-E affidavit R 500.00 with free Social Media marketing, business cards and flyers sent by courier.


  • Get up to 20% off on other Professional Services.



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