We are giving away a total of 100 tokens per registered user valued at ZAR 1.00 per token. We are giving away a total of 50 000 000 tokens for free.


To get your share is very simple. Sign up for an account here on our website, then sign up for a Waves wallet if you do not have one. After signing up send us your wallet address and then from 24 April until 31 August 2019 we will be distributing tokens weekly until we have sent tokens to all registered clients that forwarded us their details. Besides this, we will also be sending tokens to every Waves account holder in the system.



Buy 1300.00 Heridity tokens for ZAR 1000.00 (get a 30% discount) via our client dashboard stand a chance to win 50 000 Heridity tokens.

To make things fun, send us WhatsApp messages, refer people and we will even send more tokens. Us your affiliate links to sell products, tokens and earn even more bonus tokens in that way. Use Promo ICO_30 when buying and get 30% Discount.


Like our Facebook page and receive 10 tokens for free. Comment on our Bitcoin talk thread with your account username and receive an extra 5 tokens.


Refer our website using your affiliate link and get 1 token for every five signups up a maximum of 10 tokens for every 50 sign-ups.


Check our airdrop listing here.


ICO Listing


The moderation of our project Heridity CyberAssets has been successfully finalized. Share our project's profile or online. 




Bounty Program


1. Social Media Campaign Bounty


This involves activities that promote our ICO on the social media accounts of participants. The rewards earned depend on the engagement levels generated by such posts. This can be in the form of retweets, likes, shares, views, and comments. Our social media platforms used for our bounty programs are Facebook and Twitter. If you do well we will reward you 10 tokens for every like, posting commenting, retweeting and share of our project with our link in it. Just remember to send us proof via email and we'll transfer the tokens weekly.


2. Article Writing / Press Release Bounty

Write an article(s) on our project, send us the link to the article via email and we will reward you for it. For every posted article we will send 100 tokens, for every 100 useful comments to your article we will send 5 tokens. High-quality articles can earn up to 1000 tokens per bounty competed.


3. Translating our WhitePaper


Translate our Whitepaper to your local language and receive 300 tokens per successful translation. Send us the translated document and we will pay you for your efforts.




Bitcoin Talk.