Start your own cryptocurrency company for ZAR 150 000.00



See our WhitePaper for more information


Sell cryptocurrency products with expert support


Sell cryptocurrency mining contracts


Free Financial, Credit and Risk Management services

Access to accredited Financial Auditors at a reduced fee.


Receive free marketing material (10 000 A6 colour printed flyers, 1000 A4 posters, 10 000 business cards).


Paid Online marketing and paid newspaper adverts (A6 size adverts) on initiation.


Online Business directory registration



What do we offer?



Fully paid website domain with business templates.


Fully customisable Whitelabel customer support area


Automated customer/product database


Free CIPC registration (If not yet registered)


1 free VPS server with 12-month access to host operation


Free fully customised Blockchain with verified asset tokens worth ZAR 50 000.00 to start with

mining, trading and transactions


Ability to offer cryptocurrency/token creation and smart contracts on the blockchain


Free customised wallet for mining and transactions

Desktop and mobile applications


Custom Web interface


Free cryptocurrency exchange included


Free dedicated trading bot and payment system included plus extra bitcoin blockchain and wallet service

the extra blockchain is for bitcoin only trading and transactions, though the other blockchain can handle that as well


Pay only 8% loyalty fee per month for advertising (flyers, posters), Newspaper adverts, Online marketing.


Receive free product brochures (You can edit company names etc.)


Free cyber tokens and rewards.


Set up your own fee structure


Free unlimited emails, subdomains and bandwidth.


Free product training and WhatsApp / Telegram support group.


We have excellent contacts and reputable business partners.


For more information on our business send an email with your query